About Bone Makers


“Don’t deny, modify!” The bone lady says.

A local original and former special ed teacher, tennis player and current fitness instructor- for over 10 years- makeup artist & author, Vicki created ” the practical special education of exercise system” for Boomers and Seniors. Welcome to BONE MAKERS for Healthy Bones and Body, a preventive, rotational, modified exercise/stretch system for” imperfect bodies”.

Vicki Buckley, offers you a program to honor your challenged areas so you can build bone, balance, posture and memory. Preserve your joints, prevent atrophy and over use and exercise in spite of your issues.

After a troubling knee surgery in 2006 unable to play tennis again and diverticulosis from Boniva, Vicki was determined to learn, go natural and spare others some misery. She started Bonewalkers in 2007 as an educational/walking support group. For 6 yr. she brought in health speakers and they walked laps in the gym. Vicki found boomers and active seniors however took longer to heal and walking was insufficient for their overall body.  In fact she a majority had poor posture, knee injuries, pouchy stomachs, dissymmetry, forward head posture and slouched shoulders.

In the year after her knee surgery, and when physical therapy was done, she says she bounced from group class to group class, getting re-injured right and left trying to copy the instructor. Finally she went back to the gym alone. “That was frustrating, time consuming, lonely and depressing” she states. Why shouldn’t people have access to effective yet gentle strategic exercise to accommodate their shoulders, backs, knees and wrists? Why do they need prescriptions for everything? Many after injury treatment, whether it be a surgery, physical therapy or both are lob sided in their strength. This becomes a vicious cycle of potential injury.

Seeing further need she embarked on a mission to expand BoneWalkers to help others with their body joint/bone challenges. She also learned she had developed early osteoporosis.  It’s only education she thought. I’m an educator. Someone should do something about this. Now as former President of the Patrick Officer’s Wives club, she knew that whoever complained the loudest, got to head the committee on the problem. Fate called. She researched, read up, consulted medical professionals and got AFAA fitness certified and went on to create an original program of rotating modified exercises and stretches, from parts of ballet, yoga and physical therapy rehab in 2012 called BoneWalkers Plus. “People kept asking me however to write them crib notes and pictures of all the exercises” she states. So she listened and over time she drew 177 exercise stick figures, on tracing paper. In 2017 she commissioned a Full Sail graphic artist to flesh out the stick people and hired a lawyer all the while continuing to teach at 3 locations a week. In late 2017, when the pictures were done, she rebranded and registered the trademark as Bone Makers for healthy bones and body. “It’s a great system because if you hurt one part of your body  you can do a different routine, giving the injured area time to heal, without ever quitting your exercise. That’s happened more than a few times” Vicki laughs.

Bone Makers focuses on body symmetry, body coordination breathing and cadence. The musical portion helps with focus, cross brain multitasking as it improves bones, balance and posture. There are bits of ballet, yoga, post rehab therapy and it’s honed to you- as in special education.

Bone Makers is what Boomers or Seniors need to keep their muscles in every day working order plus you have your much needed socialization by attending class. Vicki says her “goal is to empower, educate and inspire people to live a healthier lifestyle. You can exercise almost anywhere.  Graduated exercise levels chosen for you in class, assure you that you are accepted where you are now, not 10 years ago. Students learn how to listen to their bodies and manage their aches and pain through rotational, symmetric exercise and stretches.  When you’ve got an old injury, that removes you from life now and then, you tend to drop out of life unsure how to reengage.  Bone makers is a bridge. It provides an affordable exercise plan and a place to go that provides a sense of normalcy and hope which is so very important to self esteem and commitment. “The social support and community where others know your name, helps you to honor and have patience with your own body.” This is not some loud pounding,  twisted on the floor,  group exercise class where no one checks on you. Classes are small and monitored. You are unique. Vicki has three levels of body modifications from beginner to advanced, with or without a chair. No boredom-each class is different. Vicki is passionate about helping others not fall thru the cracks in the health care system.

Vicki has both a Masters in Special Education, emotional and learning disabilities, and is a certified AFAA Group Fitness instructor, with a senior emphasis. AFAA (Aerobic and Fitness Association of America which subscribes to standards of the ACSM (American College Of Sport Medicine) has recently merged with NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine).

Vicki used her own physical challenges, from tennis jogging knee over-use and shoulder injuries to inherited joint/spine/neck challenges, to personalize Bone Makers. This is her ministry.  She walks the walk and talks the talk. She is there with you.


Aerobic and Fitness Association of America, subscribes to standards of the ACSM American College Of Sport Medicine