Who We Are


Is This You?


Let’s face it, our sedentary lifestyles result in our sitting more than 50% of the day which can weaken our bones! Driving, commuting, TV watching, reading, crafting, sleeping. Our workplace postures are no better; more sitting, slouching, cell phone bobble-heads or on our feet all day. Your body molds over time, into the shape your repeated movements ask for. Is your posture frozen in place like a statue? Do you drag a foot? Are you unable to straighten up? Do you have lower back pain? Knee pain?  Do your shoulders or neck ache? Are you able to turn your head and look over each shoulder to see if a car is coming? Are you crooked? This lopsided alignment will have a ripple effect robbing you of your balance, and posture and zapping you of energy, circulation, tone and function. Don’t be a statistic. Don’t look and feel old before your time.


Knowledgeable Training Expertise

With individualized exercise levels from beginner to advanced, you can be sure to find your cup of tea. Either in the chair, by the the chair or without a chair, there is never a need to get on the floor to work a muscle pair!  The "Bone Lady" is a certified senior fitness instructor, retired special needs  teacher, tennis player and fellow sufferer of weak bones,( who now has strong bones) arthritis and spinal/disc  challenges, designed the system based on research and experience, teaching it over 10 years.


Your Success is Our Goal

I understand that adapting to a new fitness habit can be challenging. My goal for you is to feel better, stronger, more functional and be able to do your favored activities with comfort. Bone Makers is symmetrical exercise and stretch system, modified for you.  You can improve your overall health, sleep, skin, mood and best yet,  keep your independence, with continued use. Just accept yourself where ever you are now and build upon it. The Bone Makers Travel Deck System allows you to exercise virtually anywhere, with 144 fun different movements, and a built in road map that rotates your muscles, preventing over use injury and muscle atrophy.  Even if you back slide, or need more recovery time, you can adjust the level or routine to accommodate  your current state.  You are in charge.