Is This You?

laundryLet’s face it, our sedentary lifestyles result in our sitting more than 50% of the day! Driving, commuting, TV watching, reading, crafting, sleeping. Our workplace postures are no better; more sitting, slouching, cell phone bobble-heads or on our feet all day. Your body molds over time, into the shape your repeated movements ask for. Is your posture frozen in place like a statue? Do you drag a foot? Are you unable to straighten up? Do you have lower back pain? Knee pain?  Do your shoulders or neck ache? Are you able to turn your head and look over each shoulder to see if a car is coming? Are you crooked? This lopsided alignment will have a ripple effect thru out your body, zapping you of energy and function. Don’t be a statistic. Don’t look and feel old before your time.

You need symmetry. You need posture reversals and balance now!!!

Bone Makers creates symmetry in your body.
Bone Makers offer you modifications to account for your bum knee, hip, shoulder, back or neck, so you can exercise in spite of.
Bone Makers systematically rotates your muscles in your body so you don’t get overuse injury.
Bone Makers has graduated levels to accommodate for you.
Bone Makers is like a bridge, for when you need to start over from the beginning, like after an illness or leave of absence, or for whatever reason.
Bone Makers sharpens your mind and sense of direction at the most fundamental level, helping you stay independent longer and safer in your own home and life.

You will feel empowered.manlaundry
You will feel proud that you are taking care of yourself with acceptance.
You will feel peace of mind.

Bone Makers offers you the ability to exercise safely on your own terms. Whether you are staying home, away visiting family or traveling for pleasure, you are not tied to a gym or in need of a CD player. You are free to do it almost anywhere!